I’m complicated and simple.


I was a single mom for 9 years to a wonderful lil’ rascal.

photo (5)

and God answered my prayers…


I was married to my ‘sanctification partner’ in 2011.

We are happy, work on our flaws daily, and are learning.

but only because of the power of Jesus.

His forgiveness, His wisdom, His strength.

I love to cook, write, study history, and eat as much organic food as I can afford.  I’m partial to the color pink, I like looking at my husband, and being a mom. In 2016 I decided to leave my career behind because we had our sweet little Jonah Aaron.


It was scary and probably downright foolish to exist on one income but were going to do it in faith.  I want to be the “keeper” of my home. I desire to be an excellent wife and train up my child the way he should go. I didn’t believe that daycare could do that for Jonah.

So here I am. Trusting GOD to provide. I can’t wait to document his stories of provision right here on my blog.

Did I mention that I love elaborate coffee drinks and connecting with other women in life altering conversations?

 My life is about what Christ is doing with me and I am pleased to just say, or sometimes reluctant to say,

“Yes Lord.”


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