Christianity & Target

YouTube_ProfileImage_250x250As a Jesus follower, I have really been questioning my involvement in politics. I was once the super opinionated type that delighted in shoving a powerful political meme in the face of a liberal- in hopes they will see the error of their thinking.  And yeah, that never works.

Many of us Christians were once liberal rebels too, and I can almost bet that God didn’t get our attention with waving fingers and witty memes.  I can bet that he got us with love.

What am I trying to say?  I am trying to say that I have been a rebel. I have also been saved by a Holy God. After that I became somewhat judgmental, religious, and condemning. And finally, I was delivered of all that whitewashed sepulcher business.

For months now I have pondered how I should approach politics. The political world is super important and many would agree that it feels like we are losing our country.  After agonizing for a long time, I resorted to something that should’ve been my first defense, PRAYER!

After truly seeking what the Lord had to say everything became crystal clear to me.

The most important thing is protecting children and that’s what I brought before the Lord. I told him that evil men will take advantage of this law and hurt children in the bathroom. I reminded him of the slippery slope that this law would cause. I thought of little Sherrice Iverson who was unattended and murdered in a Nevada casino bathroom….

What became clear to me was this; Children will be harmed because they have neglectful parents whether a transgender person is in a bathroom with them or not. A Target boycott can certainly be done, but it will never change the hearts of an unbelieving world.

Do we love this world? Is the church just a fancy building with entertaining programs or do we love this world like Jesus did? Let’s get our minds off of bathrooms for a moment and remind ourselves of what Jesus said about orphans. James 1:27 “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.”

The American church has left the responsibility of the orphan to the government. Foster care is overflowing but we love to point the finger about gay marriage, gay wedding cakes, abortion, and Target bathrooms.

The American church as a wonderful opportunity in this hour. Can you imagine what a witness it would be if just one or two  families from every church in America opened their heart and home to an orphaned child? We wouldn’t just be the group that tries to “control woman’s bodies” and tell them not to have abortions, we would be the group that is selflessly taking our abused and innocent members of society into our homes because we love Jesus and want to do what he says! And what better way to change culture than to raise a generation of children in Christlikeness, that would otherwise be further victimized by living in multiple foster or group homes.

Let us wake up out of our adorable Hobby Lobby decorated homes and lives and really practice some undefiled religion! Let’s change our nation by action. It’s easier to point the finger than it is to clean the inside of the dish. But when we are willing to serve God and not our fears, we will certainly be blessed!